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2024 - Happy New Year!

Took a small break at the end of 2023 but we are back. I took a break to pray for direction regarding this devotion site. During that break I realized it needed to be less about me and more about Him. In order to do that I ask for your help. I want you to be an active participate. I am asking you to tell your story about what God has done for you and how He has effected your life. With apologies to Mrs Farmer, I don't care about grammar (Yeah you could probably already tell), email me and I will include on this site. I'll give you a Matthew 5:5 sticker for everyone who shares. It is time to let the world know what God has done for you. This week's challenge is for the senior class at Meek High School. It is now 2024, the actual year of your graduation. The excitement and probably a little fear is setting in and that is okay. However, now is the time to truly trust the direction God has for your life. What better way to trust then to document what He has already done for you. Reminder yourself and others what He has already done. Several of you have amazing stories to tell that could impact someone's life. Start the year off right.

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