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August 14th

Woo Hoo. First week of school is done. Starting to adjust to new schedule, which for some of you it means getting up before lunch. That is okay, you are going to get used to it.

Last week we talked about what being meek really means and we mentioned a person named Moses. We know that Moses led an entire nation of people out of captivity. What you may not know is that Moses had a speaking problem. In Genesis 4:10-11 he questioned God on why he would be chosen as he was “heavy or slow of tongue” and would think that someone else would do a better job. How often, do you talk yourself out of something because you don’t think you have the right skills. You look in the mirror and see all the faults you think you have of yourself. God response to Moses is wonderful. He reminded Moses that he made and has control of all living things which includes Moses’ mouth! God has the power to use you no matter what weaknesses that you think you have. All of us are created in the Image of God. Whether we are short, skinny, freckled, slow to speak, scarred, whatever it does not matter. You are still God’s creation, and he has a plan for you. Just be meek and submit to his plan.

Weekly challenge: Do the opposite of Moses. Pick a trait, skill, talent that you have that you think is a strength. Now, how can you use that help others?

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