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August 21st - Encourage Each Other!

Last week I challenged you to pick a skill or talent that you might consider as a strength that you can use to help others. I wonder how many of you picked the ability to communicate. Something we all do without thinking. Not just verbal communication but also what we share on various social media platforms. What are you communicating?

One of the books in the Bible is 1 Thessalonian. This book is really a letter that was written to one of the early churches. In the 11th verse of chapter 5, it tells us to keep encouraging one another and build each other up. How often are we doing that? I can promise you are interacting with someone everyday that may be struggling with something. Could be an injury, illness, concern for a family member or just even trying to fit in. Is your communication to them encouraging?

Weekly Challenge: Encourage those around you, but specially encourage each other to follow God’s will. Remember in week one that is how we learned to be truly Meek. Submit your will to God’s.

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