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Count Your Blessings!!!

I have always pushed my kids to be best that they can be.  Sometimes I admit I pushed them too hard and forgot to let them be kids.  I have always told them that if it is worth doing it is worth giving it our all.  A lot of times that turned into having a desire to win.  It was never “win at all costs” but we Hutchins hate to lose and get competitive at times.   I tend to forget what a blessing sometimes it is to even compete.  Several kids never even have a chance to run onto the field or put on a uniform.

Lord willing, this Saturday my oldest son will be competing for a National Championship in cheer.   The moment I’m looking forward to is the moment his foot hits the mat. Everything after is just a bonus.  Do I want him to win a National Championship?  HECK YEAH.  However, we are blessed, and we will praise God regardless of the outcome. He is putting on a college uniform, he made the competition team as a freshman, and he is doing all of this, six months after shoulder surgery.  We are already blessed!   Too many times we don’t take the time to consider the blessings we have already been given because we are so focused on the “prize”.    

Challenge for you this week is to time and think about the blessings you already have.  Not just in ability to participate in a sport or event but the people God puts in your life to make a difference.  The friendships gained while you chase the prize.  Even on days we don’t feel it, we are truly blessed. 

Congratulations to the Meek High School Cheerleading team for winning county championship.  I also want to congratulate member of my youth group, Landon Bagwell of Good Hope for making all 1st team All-Region team.   Make sure you guys take time to count your blessings.

In case nobody else has told. I love you and God loves you too!

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