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Fill The Shoes

The past few weeks we have seen “Senior Days” and unfortunately some final games for some senior players.   You look back on the contributions made to the teams/schools, but also you look forward, trying to figure out who will “step up” to try and fill the shoes left behind.  Not in a manner to replace them like they never existed, but to build on the legacy they have created.  Not just the visible roles but the ones behind the scenes that outsiders may not know about.  Who picks music on the bus? Who makes sure the locker room is picked up? Who do we look to if we need a score or a stop? Who is first to arrive to practice? Lots of questions that start with who.

As I get older (and wow I’m feeling “more seasoned each day”) a lot of the people that taught me and meant so much to me in the community are no longer here.  I ask the question….who is going to fill those shoes?  

I encourage you to step up and learn to fill the roles in your local church.  It does not matter if you don’t have experience, or you are concerned you may not know enough. Luke chapter 5 verse 2 tells us not to put our faith in wisdom of men, but the power of God.  He will help you.  I am a HUGE believer that if you really want to learn something, volunteer to teach it.  If you don’t like teaching maybe the church can use some help making sure the kitchen is stocked or you could be the computer expert at church. There are TONS of places you can help with.

Some of you may not attend a local church, but I encourage you to do so.  Sitting in a church doesn’t make you a Christian more then me sitting in a garage makes me a car.  The fact that I go to Bible Study, Sunday School and Worship services does not mean that I have it all figured out and life is perfect.  In fact, the opposite is true, I attend those things because my life is NOT perfect, I am NOT perfect (ask my wife) and I know I need His help.  I need those reminders and others to hold me accountable.   I learn from the other members I attend church with.  Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us to assemble and encourage each other. I can’t even count the number of times I have been encouraged by members of my church home.

Challenge:  If you are not attending a local church, I challenge you to seek God’s direction.  Find a church that draws you into a closer relationship with God.   Attend a church that teaches the scripture.  I didn’t say go to the place with the best pastor or the best music.  Find a church that is more interested in healing you than entertaining you.

If you are attending a church, look for a way to be more active.  Learn to fill the shoes of those that showed and helped you.  I am sure your Vacation Bible School director or Nursery coordinator can find a place for you.

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