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Light of the World?

Matthew Chapter 5 verse 5 is what this ministry is based on.  I have T-shirts and stickers all with that verse printed.  The goal for me to become “meek” and solely follow God’s will, while encouraging others to do so as well.  To be honest I struggle.  I don’t have to look much further down in that same chapter of Matthew and see in verse 16 which reads as follows: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”. 

I must ask myself the question, what are people seeing in me?  Do they see what God has done, for me? Am I telling them? What or how am I known?  I’m sure a few people know me as the guy that for some reason makes Chewbacca noises when my sons are playing (there is a reason, I promise).  Unfortunately, I am probably also known as the vocal guy during basketball games.  Although I try to be encouraging most of the time as I yell, sometimes I let my passion for a game and the kids that play it, drive me to a place I should not go.  I am no longer encouraging but point out failures of others.  The same people that Jesus died for that I’m supposed to be a witness for.  Sure, I admit some of what I say to officials is not directed at them, but an old “coaching” tactic I learned.  If I yell at official about a certain player not setting a screen properly or staying to long in the lane, I often want the player to hear me not the official.  Just to put a thought into the players head that someone is watching.  If they stay still on the screen just a little longer before they move or get out of the lane earlier because they are concerned of what I have said, that is my goal.  That is part of my problem, I justify my actions.  Sad part those around me that don’t know me or even those that do know me see me being critical.  Is that the light I am supposed to be showing? 

I should be known as the guy at the games, at the store, wherever…. that makes sure others know about Jesus and what Jesus has done in his life. I am supposed to be “letting my light shine”.     Sadly, too many times I have failed.  My prayer that those around me during those failures still come to know Jesus despite my shortcomings.

Few challenges for this week: 

1.      Let other see Jesus in you.

2.      Volunteer to write a devotion. 

3.      Send this to others.  As more of you guys write what God has done for you, the more important it is to share.

Congratulations to both girls and boys varsity basketball teams for winning the county championships. Extremely proud of the players and coaches. It will be busy week ahead with a lot more basketball to play. Enjoy it, have fun and hustle.

I love you but God loves you more.

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