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The Meek shall inherit the earth.

Welcome to Matthew 5:5 Ministries! The goal of this site is to provide weekly devotions to help us hold each other accountable. Not just the ones that read these weekly devotions but the writer as well. If you attend Meek High School or live in Arley, this verse should be familiar to you. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”. While this verse is fun for us to use, it obviously has a deeper meaning.

The definition of “meek” that we see most often is quiet, gentle, or easily imposed on;. Doesn’t exactly put fear into any opponents or give the image of a conquering hero. So how can someone who is “meek” inherit the earth? Make sure you understand exactly how it used in this verse. Meek is also defined as submissive and that is the meaning of this verse. Not submissive that you just go with the flow and give into peer pressure, but something requiring incredible courage and sacrifice. Letting God have complete control of your live and submitting completely to His direction. That is how the meek shall inherit the earth. Not your will, but His.

There was man in the Bible called Moses who was referred to as meek (Numbers 12:3). You may not know much about Moses and that is okay but know this. God chose Moses to head a nation of people out of captivity into a promised land. Moses led a nation as a “meek” man by following the will of God.

Weekly challenge: Think about how you can lead you class, school and community this year by being a “meek” person. Not doing your will but submitting to His will.

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