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Week of November 13th - Legacy

In a blink of an eye, football, marching band and volleyball is over for the year. For you seniors it is an end to a chapter of your life. However, just because a good chapter ended doesn’t mean the rest of the story won’t get better. Be proud of the legacy you are leaving behind. For the football team it has been twenty years since the team had made playoffs three consecutive years. You leave a legacy that playoffs are now expected. For the volleyball team it is the same. I hate I don’t have the numbers but again playoffs for volleyball are an expected legacy. The Band of Champions is called that for a reason. There have been years of expectations that Best in Class awards are expected and not out of the ordinary, you continued that this year. The cheerleaders are a competing this week to begin defending a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. Be proud of what you are leaving for those behind you to continue to grow.

Years ago, a wrote a verse to a song that reads like this:

My number won’t be on a wall, for all the world to see

My name won’t be mentioned in any class of History

When I finally leave this world, what will they say of me?

What will be my legacy?

As years go by, sports records and achievements start to fade. However, some legacies are more important. Several years ago, I attended a funeral of a dear lady in my life. As we looked around the church that was packed with people, we all realized that she had just about taught all of us in Sunday School or a Vacation Bible School through the years. In some cases, she not only taught us but our kids as well. That is a legacy worth leaving behind. The last verse to the song reads like this:

I hope and pray every night that others see Him in me

So that will be my legacy.

What is the focus of the legacy you are leaving behind? If one day, a room full of people is asked if you guided them towards Jesus, what will they say? Records, memories and yes even the school itself will someday disappear. However, a legacy of leading people to Jesus will affect someone for eternity. What is your legacy?

Challenge – What legacy are you working on?

In case no one has told you lately. I love you!

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