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Week of October 23rd Football Quiz

The Quarterback claps his hands at a certain time - the Center snaps the ball to the Quarterback. As soon as Center snaps the ball, the Guard runs behind the Center and looks for a Defensive player to move out of the way. During this time the Quarterback pitches it backwards to the Running Back. The Wide Receiver is sprinting as fast he can down the field opposite way of the Guard. Running back catches the ball and begins to run up field when suddenly a Defensive End comes out of nowhere and knocks the ball out of his hand. Ball is just lying on the ground.

A. Center – Play must always and start and end with the Center

B. Running back - He was the one who dropped it

C. Designated Fumble Recovery Specialist – A specific position for this need

D. Defensive End – He was one the knocked it out

E. Wide Receiver – He can because he hadn’t touched the ball yet.

If you know just a little about football, you know that is a ridiculous question. There is no such thing as a position called a “Designated Fumble Recovery Specialist”. When that ball is fumbled, each player on the field should go after the ball if they are near it. The position you play or what you “normally” do no longer matters. A fumble is “an emergency situation”.

We have a lot of classmates and people in the community that are in “an emergency situation” because they don’t know who Jesus is. Sadly, we have too many people waiting on the “Designated Helper”. We sit and wait for a Pastor, someone in their family or anybody to tell them about Jesus. We make up excuses that the ones I made up like A-E options above and convince ourselves that they sound good. “A preacher is more qualified”, “I may say the wrong thing”, “They know I messed up so how can I tell them about Jesus”, etc. We sit and we watch them get bounced around by life like a football getting kicked around a field. We should be diving to protect them from this world and to let them know that they belong to Jesus.

Challenge: Get involved in an “emergency situation”. Dive into telling someone about Jesus.

Congratulations the Meek Varsity Volleyball team who will be playing in the Regional playoffs Thursday November 26th at 11:30 in Huntsville.

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