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Week of September 11th - Be Different

I wonder how many non-volleyball players know what a libero is. For those of you that don’t know, that is the one person on the team wearing a different color jersey then everyone else. They are considered to a “defensive specialist” so how and when they can enter the game and what position they can play is different from everyone else on the team. Since they have different rules that apply to them, they wear a different color jersey to make them easier to identify. Now I’ll be honest I think I just finally understood that this week and I may not be 100% correct but maybe I’m close. I do know they have different rules and they do wear a different color. Bottom line, a libero is set apart from others on the team.

God calls the ones that know Him to be set apart. We are called to look and be different from those around us. How we look based on our actions not how we look physically. You may have heard the phase “Be in the world but not off the world”. That is super short version of the Chapter 17 in the book of John, mainly around verses 14—16. We live in the world BUT we don’t have to do what the rest of the world is doing. The world should see us and know that we are different. We are set apart because we belong to HIM and the world should be able to see that.

We as Christians don’t wear a different color shirt like a libero does. There is no special halo on our head that indicates we are different. The world only know we belong to Jesus by our actions. Are you showing the world that you are set apart?

Challenge: My pastor once made the statement that if you were on trial for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you? Would there be enough witnesses that say your life leads others to Jesus? Challenge this week is to ask yourself that question.

Just in case you didn't know. I love and Go loves you more.

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